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Budget Gimmicks are flourishing in Congress

GradeGov members as of Feb. 12 DEM/INDEP=45%  GOP=55% The President is protecting religious freedom in America. He has told us so. He said on June 4 of 2009 that: "…

Congress solves another crisis...really?

GradeGov membership as of Feb. 10  DEM/INDEP=45%  GOP=55% This past week in Congress was a bit weird, even for Congress these days. You see, the Senate was abl…

Is President Obama orchestrating reality TV?

GradeGov members Jan. 9 DEM/INDEP=44% GOP=54% Beginning in 2012, President Obama seems to have taken on a new job title; that being the host and director of…

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Top 5



(R)  FL-1st

1. S. Taylor (R) VA-2nd A
2. M. Gaetz (R) FL-1st A
3. J. Kennedy (R) LA A
4. M. Gallagher (R) WI-8th A
5. D. LaHood (R) IL-18th A

Bottom 5



(D)  NC-12th

535. A. Adams (D) NC-12th F
534. P. Aguilar (D) CA-31st F
533. N. Barragan (D) CA-44th F
532. D. Beyer (D) VA-8th F
531. C. Booker (D) NJ F

MOC of the Week

Robert B. Aderholt

(R) Alabama - 4th
Ranked #0

Biggest Climbers

D. Black (R) TN-6th
J. Amash (R) MI-3rd
M. Mullin (R) OK-2nd
P. Toomey (R) PA
S. Womack (R) AR-3rd
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Biggest Fallers

R. Allen (R) GA-12th
R. Burr (R) NC
T. Cruz (R) TX
K. Handel (R) GA-6th
M. Kelly (R) PA-3rd
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Most Viewed

1. B. Nelson (D) FL
2. N. Pelosi (D) CA-12th
3. C. Schumer (D) NY
4. M. McConnell (R) KY
5. D. Feinstein (D) CA

Least Viewed

535. R. Norman (R) SC-5th
534. J. Gomez (D) CA-34th
533. G. Gianforte (R) MT
532. R. Estes (R) KS-4th
531. D. Soto (D) FL-9th