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Obama wins Senate unanimous vote!

One of President Obama's biggest legislative blueprints designed to grow the economy and create jobs  received a unanimous vote this past week in the Senate. …

After 3 years is the Senate finally doing a budget...RE…

The Senate Budget committee Chairman, Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) announced yesterday that he will call a Senate Budget committee markup on a long-term budget for the nati…

Senate votes on sensitive issues

GradeGov membership as of March 12 DEM/INDEP=44% GOP=55% This week the Senate will wrap up its debate on the badly needed highway bill.  Cities, towns and state gov…

A Christmas Story for GradeGov members

Here is a story about a little girl who gave her family a very memorable Christmas gift. Her gift came from the heart and it was so important to this little girl, that sh…

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"If you like ObamaCare you will keep it"... j…

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Peddler-in-chief said ObamaCare site crashed …

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(R)  SC-4th

1. D. Jolly (R) FL-13th A
2. M. Roby (R) AL-2nd A
3. B. Posey (R) FL-8th A
4. T. Gowdy (R) SC-4th A-
5. R. DeSantis (R) FL-6th A-

Bottom 5



(D)  FL-9th

535. A. Grayson (D) FL-9th F
534. S. Wasserman (D) FL-23rd F
533. H. Waxman (D) CA-33rd F
532. M. Waters (D) CA-43rd F
531. H. Reid (D) NV F

MOC of the Week

Robert B. Aderholt

(R) Alabama - 4th
Ranked #0

Biggest Climbers

T. Coburn (R) OK
R. Blunt (R) MO
T. Franks (R) AZ-8th
M. Pompeo (R) KS-4th
M. Mulvaney (R) SC-5th
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Biggest Fallers

B. Corker (R) TN
B. Farenthold (R) TX-27th
V. Foxx (R) NC-5th
B. Huizenga (R) MI-2nd
F. Lucas (R) OK-3rd
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Most Viewed

1. B. Nelson (D) FL
2. N. Pelosi (D) CA-12th
3. H. Reid (D) NV
4. J. Boehner (R) OH-8th
5. B. Boxer (D) CA

Least Viewed

535. D. Jolly (R) FL-13th
534. B. Byrne (R) AL-1st
533. V. McAllister (R) LA-5th
532. R. Hudson (R) NC-8th
531. J. Beatty (D) OH-3rd