Failed HC in the Senate...follow the money
  • Seems to me that the Medicare cuts in the Senate HC replace bill were more about control of the money than the money. What Leader McConnell seemed to not be able to overcome in the Senate was the GOP Govs and their opposition. Remember that Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) are up for election in 2018. So are both of the GOP Govs from those states. Makes you go HUMMM...

    Nevada Medicaid paid managed-care companies as much as $213 million for more than 30,000 people who received no care at all. Maybe that money was taken and used for housing or law enforcement.

    Does the money given to Medicaid contractors perhaps pay safety-net hospitals to care for the needy who do need care during the year? We don’t really know where all the money goes. A preliminary look at publicly available documents of Arizona’s Medicaid system, allegedly the most efficient in the U.S., revealed that managed-care contractors made more than $225 million in pre-tax profits in just one year. And in 5 years, nearly $400 million of Medicaid funding was transferred to other state agencies.

    Remember, follow the money. It works every time!

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