Habitual Liar; Mentally Unstable; Illegal acceptance of foreign aid during a campaign, Money launder
  • Wow we are in a pickle. How many negative personality disorders can one person possess. After the failed Senate vote on healthcare Trump visited Mitch McConnell. His only question to the Senator was why does Mitch not do more to protect him from the Russian investigation.

    This begs the question protect him from what? His greed in the money laundering scam? His divisive brand of politics? His poor judgement in advisors? His deal with Putin gone awry? His first inclination in everything is to lie? His foolish narcissism?

    Does this pose further scrutiny? Was Republican Leadership involved? Like Nixon only 10% will we know by the time he resigns or is impeached. The other 90% will horrify us!
  • This is a example of liberalism. Remember liberalism is a mental disorder and the writer proved it without a shadow of a doubt. You can find a better source of news reporting than CNN, "the Clinton News Network."
  • Wow, Was this comment secretly posted by Hillary ( Queen Antifa ) Clinton ???

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