OCare almost all dead!
  • Obamacare is all but dead, thanks to a combo of Congress and POTUS. You see, the Congress got rid of the tax collected by the IRS on people who didn't buy insurance (AKA=The Individual Mandate!)

    Now the Justice Department informed a federal court it would not defend the government in a lawsuit against the health care law.

    The announcement means that likely one or more of the 20 Democrat state attorneys general would need to defend the law against a suit seeking to invalidate the entire act.

    The suit hinges on a 2012 Supreme Court ruling upholding the so-called “Affordable Care Act” as a constitutional act of Congress, because it was a tax on not having health insurance coverage.

    Since the IRS is no longer collect the tax, the pending suit argues that the rest of the Act is now unconstitutional.
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