• Hello,

    I am still straggling to get my Pi2 working properly. Created SD card with latest Rasbian, booted successfully with Ethernet port plugged in. When opening a browser it takes about 3 min to load a google page, extremely slow!!! I got 30MB i-net @ home, and all of my other devices are flying... Am I missing something here? I already spend a night with "0" results - rebooting a cable modem, liksys E3000 router, Pi 2, changing Eth ports on router, etc... Same results with Ethernet cable plugged in or using WiFi dongle. I tried to ping google.com or yahoo.com got reply over 300ms (thats a lot), pinged from my mac and got around 40ms. Is it a DNS issue?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.

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