Dems delaying American court cases!
  • All President's have the huge responsiblity of nominating good judges to serve in our court systems throughout our coutry. President Trump’s is our President. LIke it or not. His court nominees have already been subjected to more than four times as many OBSTRUCTION votes as the nominees of his six most recent predecessors combined in their first two years. The number of OBSTRUCTION votes combined in the 1st two years of the Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations is 24--all put together! To date, the Dems in the Senate have forced 101 Obstruction votes on nominations to fill our court systems in the United States just since Januaray of 2017. Wow, are they doing this country a service or injustice? You make the call and let your voice be heard on GradeGov.

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