“HDCP Error Detected” in Roku
  • 1. If you are trying to stream 4K Ultra HD content when you see the purple screen, review the instructions for setting up your Roku player for 4K. Go to the next step if you continue to see a "HDCP Error Detected" message or a purple screen.
    2. On both your Roku player and your TV or AVR, unplug each end of the HDMI cable.
    3. Power off your TV and unplug its power cord.
    4. Remove the power cord from your Roku player.
    5. Reconnect both ends of the HDMI cable, making sure each connector is attached firmly and securely.
    6. Reconnect the power cord to your TV and your Roku player and wait for both devices to power on (you may also need to press the power button on your TV remote).
    7. Try viewing the video again.

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