Download AOL computer checkup
  • AOL computer checkup is a one-stop solution for cleaning your system from all the unnecessary files that are clogging your hard disk. You can Download AOL gold from the official website of AOL. It is not really much of a task. The steps to download AOL computer checkup are as follows:
    • Visit the Official AOL website, choose the option of ‘Save File’.
    • Double click on the saved AOLComputerCheckupDM.exe.
    • Check your email for an order confirmation email.
    • Press ‘Get Started Now’ in the order confirmation mail.
    • Now from the download folder run the AOLComputerCheckupDM.exe File
    • Read the License Agreement and opt the ‘I Agree’ option.
    • Use your login credentials to sign up for the product and click ‘Install’
    • AOL Computer Checkup will now be installed on your system.

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