RedState uses false narrative to fundraise off of ObamaCare
  • I am so sorry that RedState has characterized a vote for the Continuing Resol. in the Senate as a vote to fund ObamaCare. This was stated on the homepage of the site where it says: "Mitch McConnell votes to fund ObamaCare". The CR does so much more...from funding our entire Dept of Defense, to funding Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Vets programs, etc...It funds the entire Federal Government and all of its programs. Sen. Cruz tried to de-fund ObamaCare. It failed. Should Senators then vote to defeat the entire government funding because they couldn't defund ObamaCare in this bill? I am guessing if that were the action taken by the entire GOP Senate, that this would be viewed as irresponsible, extreme and unreasonable. I would hope Mr. Erickson and his team could choose better phrasing when sending out fundraising material on the issue of defunding ObamaCare. We need to be more about re-building America than scoring fundraising points (using an inaccurate narritive) on the backs of the GOP leadership. Just a suggestion. keep the faith!

  • I am in 100% agreement with you. I do not however believe that putting a band-aid on the problem does anything but kick the can down the road on this issue of temporary funding or any other issue. Until such time as Congress has the guts to close things down the people will not wake up to the immense problems that we are faced with. Congress has a 10% approval rating yet they still get voted back in. Are those 10% the only ones that vote anymore. The administration should be facing charges on many things, including Benghazi, the lack of a budget and many others but nothing will happen till Congress gets some balls. No one cares.

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