ObamaCare defunding effort is disenfranchizing TeaParty members
  • On Friday, Sept. 20, the House passed a continuing resolution permitting the government to be open for business with funding thru Dec. 15. Attached to the CR is the defunding of ObamaCare and a provision that would prioritize certain government debt payments if the government were to fail to extend the debt limit. This bill is in the Senate chamber teed up for consideration beginning Monday, Sept. 23.
    Tea Party groups are insisting on certain procedures and debate during the consideration of the bill or they threaten to "primary" the GOP Senators who don't cooperate with their outlined scenario for Senate consideration of the CR. This is where the disenfranchizing and disappointment begins. You see, the Senate GOP will likely not be able to exercise the procedures outlined by TP groups.
    Like it or not, the Senate Majority Leader has the responsibility to frame the Senate debate and drive the Senate agenda. That is part of what being the Majority Leader means. With this in mind, why would he allow days of debate by the GOP on the problems and pitfalls of ObamaCare? Why would he allow "standing filibusters" and momentium to be built by the TP groups during these long debate times. Instead he will simply move to table the bill as soon as possible, thereby ending the debate. A motion to table is NOT debatable and only requires 51 votes to pass.
    This procedure was exactly what he did during the cut/cap and balance scenario from 2011. Remember when the House wanted the government to balance their budget in exchange for giving the President an extension of the debt limit back in the Summer of 2011? The House passed cut/cap and balance and sent that bill to the Senate. The Senate Majority Leader immediately tabled the bill as soon as it was available in the Seante and thus forced the House to start all over again.
    I am assuming the Majority Leader will do the same with the CR early this week. Unfortunately, TP groups have been outlining an uneducated Senate scenario that will fail because the GOP can't control the agenda. This failure will be viewed as another "let down" by the GOP, but in fact, the demands by the TP groups can't be met given the Senate rules.
  • Sad but true.

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