Peddler-in-chief said ObamaCare site crashed because of 20M visitors
  • The President told us on Monday, Oct. 21, 2013 that the website created by our government responsible for assigning us health care beginning in 2014 crashed because it had SO many visitors. He told us that the site had 20M visitors in the last 20 days...or approx. 1M per day.

    Looking at facebook's financials ( they have 699M daily users and 128M daily users in the United States alone.

    This is a frieghtening outcome when the government had 3 years and over $392M to contract IT companies to craft the site. (Figure comes from GAO report in June, 2013)

    If this administration can't contract properly to put up a website, how are they going to run our healthcare? The President should delay the individual mandates for 1 year until they figure out how to get it right. Tell your Member of Congress to support delay of ObamaCare.

  • One year delay is not enough. It should be forever. We certainly can come up with a better plan. Get 10 Republicans, 10 Democrats, 10 Medical people, and 10 Business people from all sizes of business together and lock them in a room till they come up with a workable plan that encompasses sales across State lines and excludes no one. As far as the Presidents claims, they are nothing but lies as are all his excuses for his failures.
  • We need to get BO a calliope and stand it behind him instead of those poor bored souls he usually stands there. All snake oil salesmen should have a calliope playing when they try to con you. We should ignore everthing he tries to sell us and if nobody signed up that would be the end of it. We need a great big case of civil disobedience.
  • Obama says crash due to so many people trying to get onto the site. Now we find out that only 6 people signed up that first day. Obama is nothing more than a lying huckster.
  • That's what ALL the liberals are saying. After three weeks, at midnight MY time (I'm on the West Coast) the site was still down. Don't think millions of people were hitting the site all at once at 3am East Coast Time three weeks into the launch.

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