POTUS asking Blue Cross not to report sign-up #s from ObamaCare site
  • This article unfortunately fits the narrative that the WH knows how poor the ObamaCare website it doing and doesn't want the truth to be known. They asked the BC/BS insurance company of ND not to report their number of signups. BTW-it was 14! Read it here: http://ow.ly/q5MwP

    This helps with the idea that the delay of ObamaCare is really what the Congressional Dems and the WH want. You see they are so afraid the obvious sticker shock will effect the 2014 elections that they would like it delayed but not by their own doing. If the "extreme" GOP force it via another gov't shut-down or in the debt deal, they could agree (reluctanly) and get their wish of no sticker shock before the 2014 elections and be able to tag the GOP as "extremist", how cool is that?

    Elizabeth B. Letchworth

  • What ever happened to the idea that Congressmen would vote the way that the people in their Districts wanted and not the way that they perceived would get them re-elected.

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