"If you like ObamaCare you will keep it"... just became everlasting!
  • The week before Thanksgiving was a time for the Obama Administration and his agency and department heads to be truly grateful, but not like the traditional Thanksgiving Day blessings. The Obama Administration can now rest assured that their regulations, rules and procedures, passed on to the American people through agency regulations are safe and sound, free from repeal by our court system. This happened when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid invoked the so-called “nuclear option” on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013.

    The Majority Leader changed the rules in the Senate, for the first time in 200 + years and made it impossible for any Senator to exercise his/her right to filibuster any nomination, except for Supreme Court nominations. This new rule will come in handy when the Senate easily confirms the final three vacancies on the D.C. Circuit court. Presently the D.C. Circuit court has eight judges and the final three judges nominated to fill the vacancies are pending in the Senate. These nominations have been blocked by the GOP because of the D.C. Circuit’s responsibility. These judges directly review decisions, rules and regulations made by the agencies and departments of the Federal Government. If a person or group feels “wronged” by a regulation, rule or decision made by an agency of our Government, they file their grievance in court. Once the D.C. Circuit court is filled with the final three nominees, the court will be stacked with seven either Obama or Clinton appointees and only four judges appointed by either Bush 41 or Bush 43. The D.C. Circuit court is often times looked upon as having a key role in affecting national policy even over and above our lawmakers in Congress.

    “If you like your health care, you can keep it.” That now famous and often quoted broken promise of President Obama will be safe from reversal once the D.C. Circuit court is filled with the last three Obama nominees. This regulation- wielding President can regulate to his heart’s content on all parts of ObamaCare, adding to his thousands of current regulations, and the D.C. Circuit court will likely protect each new rule, decision or regulation, given the new make-up of the court.

    Without these new judges in place, the D.C. Circuit court has overturned the EPA’s ability to regulate coal plants, prohibited the SEC from passing rulings without first doing a cost benefit analysis and recently ruled against President Obama’s recess appointments. This court has clearly not been President Obama’s friend and ally. That is all about to change, thanks to the Senate Majority Leader.
    Sen. Graham (R-SC) said this on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013: “Any American who wants to bring a legal challenge to the thousands of ObamaCare rules and regulations lost big today.”

    The move by Sen. Reid to invoke the “nuclear option” was no secret. It was the timing that was not known until it happened Thursday morning. Sen. Schumer (D-NY) said this on March 20, 2013: “We will fill up the D.C. Circuit one way or the other, even if it means changing the rules in the Senate to get nominees confirmed.”

    So what will the Senate GOP do in response to this power grab by the Democrats? They could insist that the Senate operate without unanimous consent agreements that outline and serve to orchestrate and organize a typical Senate day? They could use the remaining Senate rules to tie up all legislation and nominations both in committee and on the Senate floor. Or they could educate the American public as to this frightening power grab with a bit of history sprinkled in. It could begin with our memory of the power of the King of England and his complete disregard to the act of the British Parliament. The framers of our U.S. Constitution made it clear that the power of t he President should be executed with care, as written in Article II, Section 3. This transformation of the D.C. Circuit court will serve to rubber stamp anything President Obama wants to do as far as issuing rules, decisions and regulations on the American people. President Obama will effectively now be able to make laws from the bench. These laws would otherwise never be passed through Congress. The American people’s voice just got a little more silenced. For this, I am NOT truly grateful!
  • No doubt Obama has Harry Reid on a puppet string. We are losing our freedoms and security by leaps and bounds, no more chipping away at them. If the Country is to survive the next 3 years true Americans, that enjoy and understand our Constitution, must stand strong and fight the good fight.
    Happy Thanksgiving, and remember freedom isn't free!

  • George Washington turned down being King in favor of being President. Obama is trying to turn down being President in favor of being King.
  • If we are going to save this country,we need to begin to have civil disobedience like it was taught by Ghandi and MLK. We need to say NO NO NO to the plans of BO to make this country a totalitarian big government.

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