Personal Burden formula-Pres. Obama's "misery index" from the Carter days
  • Remember the "misery index" from the Jimmy Carter days? It was a combination of high unemployment and high inflation rates that America suffered under during the late 1970's because of the Carter Administration policies. Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan coined the phrase during the presidential campaign in 1980 and the tag stuck. If you ask anyone over age 45 who owns the misery index and they will undoubtedly say: "Jimmy Carter."

    Enter the year 2008 and the beginning of the Obama administration, when the spending and debt accumulation began in a furry. The $890B stimulus signed by the President within the first month of his presidency was the first step of many taken by the President to cause pain to Americans. After signing ObamaCare and the Dodd/Frank financial reform bill, the President began taking out his pen and phone. The regulations and Executive orders then began in earnest. The President's stimulus bill, OCare and Dodd/Frank regulations, along with his regulations and agency policies have lead to high unemployment, high gas prices and high food prices. These three indicators are what make up the "Personal Burden Formula." The PBF is President Obama's "misery index" and is causing pain to millions of Americans daily.

    Tell you friends and family about PBF. Write your stories here or use the hash Tag #PBF when tweeting your PBF stories. Keep the faith!
  • A brand new term has seemed available within the ‘virtual ether’ (and is beginning to make the rounds) to describe the economic malaise that too many Americans had been struggling thru under President Obama’s ‘watch’. Its miles the “personal burden formulation”, or “PBF” for the brief Both the modern (lengthy strolling) monetary “Obama-anaemia” and the PBF harken returned to the end of the Carter generation in the late 1970s.

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