Abuse of Office
  • We have many elected officials in Washington that all swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution. Why is there not more clamor coming from all branches of congress? Do they all think that it's business as usual when so many government employees and departments are abusing their positions by targeting, spying, disrupting any opposition to their agenda? What is wrong with this picture? If any of us had committed crimes that were contrary to the constitution openly, we'd be arrested immediately and thrown in jail. Yet our president is openly abusing his power with impunity because of a gutless congress and a compliant justice department. Even a supreme court judge can say something about his actions but they all remain silent. This kind of non-action just encourages the law breakers to do more. We all need to ask for an explanation from congressional members as to why they aren't upholding the oath to their offices and doing something about the man in the white house and his minions in governmental departments that feel they have the right to abuse their offices for political purposes.
  • fairendrew, you are absolutely right. It is time we voted all of them out of office. According to the polls we would only lose 7% that are doing their jobs. We would be better off picking a new Congress by randomly choosing people off of the street.
  • They just unanimously voted to tell China to stop doing the very same things to their people they are doing to us. Does the electorate in Washington think they can take our freedoms away while they act so rightous and tell another nation how to behave? I pray we vote out every politician that comes up for a re-vote. Change your politicians every time for the rest of our lives and stop the mess we have now. Sorry for any bad spelling. God Bless America.
  • All 535 are GUILTY of TREASON and some High TREASON ! This is why we have an Ineligible usurper in our Whitehouse he is not Article II Section I Clause V !
  • Do not vote for any incumbants, especially those that are past the 10 year mark.
  • I think it is better said that we do not vote for any body that has been in office as they have been indoctrinated into the secret government that has been allowed to run this country for the past 50 years. If there is an election it cannot be a Democrat or a Republican voted into office, because they have both shown their true colors. The present establishment has succeeded in destroying this country and it's beliefs. It presently is trying to destroy us from within and any politician that is now in office has been infected with the "I want to be rich when I retire", f**k the people. All the major companies, Drug, Chemical, and who ever else is paying them to do their bidding, as well as George Soros. There is only one chance of ever getting our country back and that is to elect a non-politician who has not been bought and paid for. We need to educate ourselves not with main stream media because it's controlled by the rich and you're only going to hear what they want you to know, but by the internet. As a country we have to work together, unity is our only salvation. This country would not be the great country, it once was, without unity. God Bless
  • So many people in the office abusing power...this website explains it more http://www.broadwayinsurance.agency
  • if anyone's interested

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