Boneheads who vote
  • There are boneheads all over the country who vote, much to the dismay of people who know what is happening. The people of New Hampshire qualify for the bonehead category. They have elected a woman named Anne Kuster who, at a townhall meeting, admitted that she knew nothing about Benghazi, and had called the meeting to talk about the Middle East, not Benghazi.
    The people there told here that Benghazi WAS in the Middle East.
    For the people in New Hampshire, November will be here soon, although from your previous voting experience, it may not do you much good.
  • You can look all over the country and find people who know nothing about what or who they are voting for. Some of this could be changed by not identifying the party affiliation of candidates on the ballot thereby forcing them to find out about the candidates. Also not allow anyone on government assistance to vote. In my own family my mother was a good voter as she always learned about the candidates then voted for the one that came closest to her views, regardless of party. My father was a terrible voter and only voted for a Republican whether he new anything about them or not. I think it is time to tweek the voting system.
  • Amen. Uninformed voters and those devoted to party loyalty are the real boneheads. People on government assistance should not be allowed to vote. They are all to willing to sell their vote to a government willing to bribe them.
  • I'm afraid with out changes to the voting system it will be the few people who think that lead by the majority who being lead by the uninformed.

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