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  • Diabetes is a dangerous condition that deserves serious attention if you've been diagnosed with it or suspect you're at risk.Of all the disorders I treat, diabetes is among the sneakiest and most destructive. Sneaky, because unless you know you’re at risk and are checking for signs, you might not learn you have diabetes until your body is already damaged in some way. Nearly one-third of people who have diabetes don’t know it. Destructive because if it goes untreated, it can lead to one (or several) serious complications, including heart attack or stroke, continuous pain from degenerated nerves, the need for foot or leg amputations from gangrene, kidney failure, or vision loss from retinopathy. It’s a condition that deserves your serious attention if you’ve been diagnosed with it or know (or even suspect) you’re at risk. On a positive note, if you work with your doctor to closely monitor and control your blood sugar and commit to eating right and exercising regularly, you are likely to live a long, healthy life.

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