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  • Everything going on and no one has had anything to say for a couple of months!
  • Is there anybody any where who is as sick of politics as I am? They no sooner get elected, then they start running again. They never give us a rest from their hot air and trying to destroy their opponents. Do you suppose it is all that hot air that is causing this farce of global warming?. No! That’s not right, its climate change now. In my lifetime that is what climate has been doing all along. The sun rules our weather.
    The idiotic gutless wonders, that I call congress, are as useless a group as any ever coming together to run this country. They think we work for them but in fact they work for us. I think we would all be better off if they just went home and stayed there. Any new laws they try to pass are usually not necessary, if they would just enforce the ones already on the books. They can’t write a law that isn’t full of legalese and is so complicated that they can’t understand it themselves so they never bother to read it before they vote on it. We should demand that any law that is longer than the constitution, a document that covers everything of importance, should be thrown out immediately. We should never elect a lawyer to congress. We should only send people who have their feet on the ground and live a simple life, people who understand the value of a dollar and will not waste a cent of the taxpayers investment in this country. They are nothing now but a group of tax and spenders. They ignore the need to fix social security, medicare and the tax system. They are incapable of writing a sensible immigration law so that legal workers can come here to work and they refuse to protect our borders. We are supposed to obey all their laws and regulations but they exclude themselves from them. They should be on Social Security and pay into it just like the rest of us. They should not get a pension until they are 65 either. We need to have term limits to stop having career politicians destroy this country with their lies and spending. Let’s stop calling their lies rhetoric. A balanced budget amendment to the constitution would stop the growing of the government and stop the profligate spending.
    Why should Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina be the first to choose our presidential candidates every 4 years.? I think that we should do away with all these separate primaries in the states and have one national primary in the future and do not allow any campaigning until two months before the election. This would end the need for most of the money the candidates spend all of their time collecting and selling themselves to special interests, who end up running the country. We should then, after the candidates are chosen in the primary, have no more campaigning until two months before the general election in November. This would stop the constant and seemingly forever running for election. We would have at least eight months of rest from the longwinded, usually not kept, promises and backbiting that we have to suffer through, ad nauseam. That would be such a wonderful and peaceful existence for the people and maybe many of the electorate who do not vote now will show up at the polls.

  • Your comments hit the nail on the head. There is nothing I would disagree with only a few things I would add. One being that for every law written two others must be abolished. I think Term Limits are necessary and I would probably do away with pensions altogether as they are not elected to a job but to give service. I think we would get better representation if every 4 years we just took the first 500 people at random off the street to serve in Congress.

    1. 1. We need a Balanced Budget Amendment.
    2. The IRS will be eliminated. In its place will be a National Sales Tax. The only things excluded would be Medical and Prescription Drugs. Any other things to be added to that would have to be approved by a 2/3 majority of each House of Congress.
    3. Under no circumstances could the Executive Branch circumvent Congress. If Congress was not in session they would have to be called back for a Special Session.
    4. No ballots during any election would be marked with party affiliation in association with any candidates name.
    5. Congress will pass nothing that would exclude anyone, especially themselves and any other Federal Employees.
    6. Once service for an elected or appointed office is over, all perks and compensation would cease.
    7. There will be Term Limits for all Federal and Supreme Court Judges, with a mandatory retirement age of 80.
    8. There will be Term Limits for Congress. Two 5 year terms for Senators and three 3 year terms for Representatives.
    9. All funds in the Congressional Retirement Fund would be moved to the Social Security System and Congressmen would participate like all other Americans.
    10. Congressmen can purchase their own retirement plans just like everyone else.
    11. Congress will no longer vote themselves pay raises but will receive a salary equal to the National income average.
    12. All Congressmen will have equal expense accounts to be determined by a panel made up of 5 Republicans, 5 democrats and 5 average citizens chosen at random whose incomes are equal to the National average.
    13. Salaries of all government employees will be equal to that of similar positions in private industry.
    14. All campaign contributions will go into one Fund and be doled out to the candidates equally to prevent today's policies of being able to buy elections.
    15. Congress will lose their Health Care System and will participate in the same system as everyone else.
    16. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are Null and Void.
    17. The Affordable Health Care act will be replaced by a Bill that will be designed by 5 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 5 Business owners large and small, 5 Doctors and Hospital Administrators and 5 Attorneys. In order to expedite this no salaries will be paid till completed and submitted to Congress.
    18. Immigration reform will be handled in the same manner, with 5 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 5 Governors and 5 Attorneys drafting the Bill and submitting it to Congress. First however the borders will be closed.
    19. There will be no more Earmarks and no more pork. All Bills will have to stand on its own merits.
    20. Voter ID will be mandatory by use of a National ID Card.
    21. Congressional Salaries will cease for all those who vote for anything without reading and
    understanding it.
    22. No one on Government Assistance will be allowed to vote.

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