Prescription Drug Plan D
  • The 114th Congress introduced legislation last week known as the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act, which is removing
    unfair practices of price controls for senior citizens who use Plan D to
    Purchase medications.

    If you care about fixed income senior citizens, then get on your House & Senators asses about this!!!
  • Ok there must be some senior citizens who are on Medicare Plan D.
    You gonna sit there or speak up?
  • I have been on medicare since 1997 and did not sign up for plan D because I do not take drugs. I only take food supplements and have a large library of alternative medicine. I believe that most of the drugs these days are worse than the diseases they are supposed to help and doctors are the worst drug pushers there are. Most of the drugs are made in China and you can't even be sure they are what they say they are. It it weren't for my bad knees from being a gardener all my life, I would feel like a teenager. I haven't had a cold since 1987.
  • I totally understand what you're saying and can agree on most.
    However there are always exceptions to any rule. In my case I have chronic COPD and the prescriptions is what keeps me alive.
  • I am in agreement with both of the above. Our whole system of medical care needs reforming. Obamacare is not the answer as it was pushed down everyones throats by not a majority but by a few. I would propose the following - The Affordable Health Care act will be replaced by a Bill that will be designed by 5 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 5 Business owners large and small, 5 Doctors and Hospital Administrators and 5 Attorneys. In order to expedite this no salaries will be paid till completed and submitted to Congress.

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