• I am happy to see democrats other than Hilary Clinton starting to run for the nomination. Hilary Clinton is probably the worst person they could nominate and I would be dumb founded if the Democrats would end up with her as their nominee.
  • I am quite happy with the large number of people throwing their hat into the ring. Finally we are seeing non Washington types vying for the position. I for one am happy to see that a lot of the traditional Washington types are not running. It is past time for us to see new fresh blood.
  • We have to look at people who are not politically involved because they know how to lie, take Ted Cruz who I though was a great guy, but he signed the TPP with closure to discussion. I can tell you that the TPP will give Obama unilateral power to write laws with the consent of the congress or any one else.
  • We need a strong President. Maybe one that would send Congress home till all of our laws are being enforced. We do not need new laws. Make it mandatory that before a new law can be written 5 previous ones must be taken off the books. Get back to the business of Governing and not writing new laws.

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