How to Set Up Your Comcast Email Address with an Email Program?
  • An email program or client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, helps you link multiple accounts and streamline your messages. You will have to use the server settings mentioned below to set up your Comcast email address with an email program:
    • Incoming Mail Server Name:
    • Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 993 with SSL ON
    • Port Number (If required): 143 with SSL ON
    • Outgoing Mail Server Name:
    • Outgoing Mail Server Port Number: 587 (SMTP)
    • Port Number (If required): 465 (SMTPS)
    • SSL Encryption: checked
    • Authentication: Comcast username and password
    Since the steps to set up your account may differ based on your email program, you can call the Comcast customer support number and ask for additional assistance.
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