• When are all of you that have joined GradeGov going to start participating? Look where complacency has gotten us. We now have two Parties - The Democrats and the Demopublicans. When GradeGov first started I thought it a great idea that would catch on with the people who cared about our country. Evidently I was wrong as even you have rolled over. Tom Brokaw wrote the book "The Greatest Generation" and he also got it wrong. His book should have been called "The Greediest Generation" Look what we are leaving behind for the next generation. Although it probably wont matter as we have brought them up in our image. Even Elizabeth the founder seem to have lost interest and thrown in the towel.
  • It's gotten so bad you are not only complacent you do not even read the discussions.
  • It's a new year, lets get started with some discussions. This year is important to all of us.
  • Lets get started right with participation.
  • When do we start?

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