• I was hoping that there would be some comments about the Convention. Since there isn't I will put my two cents in. I am disappointed in the Republicans for several things. First I think it was terrible that some members tried to change the rules so that delegates would not have to vote the way the people wanted. Second I voted for both of the Bushes, McCain and Romney and am upset that they along with others decided to boycott the Convention. I thought that at least the Bushes had more class. Then several months ago the candidates wanted all to support the eventual nominee, which was aimed at Trump to keep him from going Independent. Then when he became the winner many of the others backed out. At one time I was behind Cruz, but now am glad he did not win as his word seems to be worthless. Lastly I think you can tell a lot about a man by the values and work ethic he instills in his children. Trump has done a job of raising his children that should make all of us envious. I also think there is no excuse for the absolute blatant lies about Trump. He hates women, blacks and Hispanics. If this were true, explain why he has more women, blacks and Hispanics in his organization than any other large company. Explain why you can not find ex - employees that have anything but good to say about him. Explain why the worse they say is that he is demanding and expects results regardless of gender or color. Also the talk about his wall is ridiculous as that is a law that was passed way before he went into politics. All he is saying is enforce the law. He has never said one thing about stopping legal immigration. Then you must talk about Islam. Sharia Law is not compatible with our Constitution and as long as people of the Muslim faith are willing to subscribe to our laws and give up Sharia Law there is no problem. Trump was selected by the people and we should all get behind him and support him 100% no matter who was our first choice. That is or at least was the American way. If you can not do this move to Canada with the other wackos.
  • At the Democratic Convention I almost fell out of my chair laughing when Bill Clinton was telling us al about his Love Story.
  • good informative post.
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