Hypocrisy of the American People
  • I am thoroughly disgusted with the American people in general and the Republican Party in particular. You are going to let Hillary Clinton the most corrupt person to ever run for the office of President and a total cheat and liar steal this election as she did getting the Democratic nomination because of a private conversation that Donald Trump had 11 years ago. I grant you that what he said was in poor taste but it was private and to another man. Lets take a quick look at the affairs that some of our other Presidents. Then ask yourselves if you really want the USA to cease to exist.

    President Number of known affairs
    John F Kennedy 15
    Bill Clinton 14
    John Tyler ? with most of his female slaves
    Warren Harding 2
    Lyndon Johnson 2
    James Garfield 1
    Grover Cleveland 1
    George Washington 1
    Franklin Roosevelt 1
    Dwight Eisenhower 1
    Thomas Jefferson 1
    George HW Bush 1
    James Buchanan 1 (with a man)
    Abraham Lincoln 1 (with a man)

    A very impressive list and these were affairs and not just locker room talk.
  • What is with you people. I can not get any participation even after writing about being disgusted with the American people.
  • Oh, I agree with you 100%. These new school women are total hypocrites about sex; they don't want to be sexualized, but they sexualize themselves! How people can vote for a totally immoral as Hillary I'll never understand.

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