Senate votes on sensitive issues

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This week the Senate will wrap up its debate on the badly needed highway bill.  Cities, towns and state governments adopt what are known as BUDGETS.  That is spelled B U D G E T S for those serving in Congress!

In their budgets, they plan and propose road construction, bridge repair and construction and all other manners of highway and road construction projects. The highway bill gives states matching funds for their own funds. The federal monies come from the gasoline tax that all of us are charged at the gas pump when we buy a gallon of gasoline. This bill expires March 31, 2012, and because states actually plan for the future, they have been planning on their portion of this money for some time now.
This bill offered the Senate a venue for votes concerning major issues for our country. From jobs, to energy to religious freedom rights, the highway bill has been an opportunity for the voters to see where their U.S. Senator stands on these issues. The votes on these three issues resulted in these matters not being included in the bill. Here are the votes:

Blunt (R-MO) amdt reinstating the religious beliefs and rights of conscience with regard to employers providing free birth control and morning after pills. It was tabled (defeated) 51 to 48 (

Hoeven (R-ND) amdt to approve the Keystone XL pipeline project & provide environmental protection & government oversight. It was defeated (needed 60 votes) 56 to 42 (

Vitter (R-LA) amdt to provide an extension of the draft proposed outer continental shelf oil & gas leasing program 2012-2015. It was defeated (needed 60 votes) 44 to 54 (

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