Obama wins Senate unanimous vote!

One of President Obama's biggest legislative blueprints designed to grow the economy and create jobs  received a unanimous vote this past week in the Senate. The unanimous vote was related to his budget and it occurred late Wednesday afternoon. The Senate Republican Budget committee ranking member, Sen. Sessions (R-AL) introduced the President's budget for this year word for word as he presented it to Congress in February of 2012.  The President is required by law to submit a budget for the year under the Budget Control Act.

The Senate Majority Leader then teed up a vote on a motion to proceed to the President's budget. If the Senate had agreed to begin the debate on the budget, all of the debate time would have been governed under the Budget Control Act of 1974. The Budget Control Act limits the time for debate, restricts the amendments to only germane amendments and requires a simple majority vote to pass.  President Obama said of his Budget: "This Budget is a step in the right direction. And I hope it will help serve as a roadmap for how we can grow the economy, create jobs, and give Americans everywhere the security they deserve." 

After the Senate spent several hours debating whether or not they wanted to begin the debate, they voted on the motion to proceed. When the vote had concluded the President received zero votes to support the motion to begin debating his budget. Not a single United States Senator wanted the Senate to debate the President's budget.  This zero to 99 vote mirrored a vote from May 25 in 2011 whereby the Senate conducted the same type vote on the President's Budget from last year. That vote was also a question of whether or not the Senate wanted to begin to debate the President's budget.  The President again received a unanimous vote against his budget. The vote was zero to 97.

So even though the President believes his budget is "a step in the right direction" 53 democratic Senators apparently don't share the President's vision about ways to grow the economy or create jobs. At least they didn't want to debate his ideas last week when they had a chance to debate the President's budget under a confined, structured agreement. I guess this shouldn't come to much of a surprise since the democratically controlled Senate hasn't passed a budget in over 3 years.