ObamaCare turns 3 yrs old & is already looking for money

ObamaCare turns 3 yrs old on March 23, 2013. While the government program is still quite young, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that it is already looking for more money.  Here's the what and the why...

Feb. 15, 2013 was the date that states were supposed to sign-up to implement state Health Care exchanges under ObamaCare. However, almost half of our 50 states have decided that they will NOT set up, implement or run state health care exchanges.  This means that the Federal Government will have to set them up, implement them for these states and hires employees to run these exchange programs. This wasn't the way the crafters of the bill thought it would turn out. Consequently, the Federal Government didn't plan nor budget any money to implement and run these exchanges, and they are expensive to establish. According to Kaiserhealthnews.org, the cost budgeted for states to implement their own exchanges was $1M per state to implement exchanges, but only for the 1st year. This price tag goes up when the Federal government has to establish the exchanges. Now we are talking Billions of dollars to set up the exchanges. What goes into setting up a health care exchange?

--conducting background checks

--consulting with stakeholders

--Making legislative and regulatory changes

--Governing the exchange

--establishing information technology systems

--conducting financial management

--performing oversight

--ensuring program integrity

What happens now that 21 states have said NO to establishing state echanges...the Federal government has to set them up and pay for them and they don't have the money. SO they will have to come to Congress and ask Congress for money to pay for the set-up of the exchanges.

The Federal government is already being cut by the sequester that is scheduled to take place on March 1, 2013. The President is claiming that any cuts will be devistating to the agency or department of government being asked to take a 3% "haircut."  If the Department of Health & Human Services will also have to bear the cost for establishing state health care exchanges, you can bet the President will be crying poverty by the end of March. But interestingly enough, the end of March, 2013 is the expiration of the Continuing resolution or Omnibus Appropriations bill, which fully funds the Federal Government for the rest of the fiscal year. So Congress will have to be discussing all sorts of funding issues, including the level of funding for the Health & Human services.


Do you want to give HHS more of your money to begin to implement ObamaCare? If your answer is no, pls let your member of Congress know that you do not want any more funding to go to ObamaCare. Ask Congress to include in the Omnibus appropriations funding, a provision that prohibit money from being appropriated to establish and implement state health Care exchanges.

Keep the faith and more to come!