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They work for YOU. See how they RANK.
Photo A


Michael Patrick

(R)  MS-3rd

2. D. Crenshaw (R) TX-2nd A
3. D. Lesko (R) AZ-8th A
4. S. Watkins (R) KS-2nd A
5. K. Hern (R) OK-1st A
Photo F



(D)  CA-31st

534. C. Allred (D) TX-32nd F
533. C. Axne (D) IA-3rd F
532. T. Balderson (R) OH-12th F
531. N. Barragan (D) CA-44th F
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Biggest Climbers
R. Bishop (R) UT-1st B
P. Toomey (R) PA C-
S. Collins (R) ME F
A. Biggs (R) AZ-5th B+
R. Latta (R) OH-5th B-
S. Womack (R) AR-3rd D-
D. Heller (R) NV B
J. Inhofe (R) OK B
M. Lee (R) UT B
D. Nunes (R) CA-22nd B
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Biggest Fallers
R. Burr (R) NC C
D. Lamborn (R) CO-5th B+
K. Marchant (R) TX-24th B-
J. Carter (R) TX-31st B+
T. Cole (R) OK-4th C
M. Crapo (R) ID C
M. Enzi (R) WY C
J. Fortenberry (R) NE-1st B-
S. Graves (R) MO-6th B-
T. Graves (R) GA-14th C