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(REP), OR writes
I gave you a grade of B.         The gridlock in Washington points   to failure. What do leaders do? What do Chief Executives  do? They lead. Do the  job  you were sent to Washington to do.  ...

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(IND), GA writes
Today I gave you a C. Your No vote on H.R. 4278, which will waste more American money on so-called foreign aid to corrupt third world dictators, deserves an "A", but I don't trust you, because you have voted with the Big Government...

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(REP), FL writes
I gave you a grade of A.  Thanks for at least broaching the subject of term limits. It won't go anywhere as too many of the Washington establishment haven't filled their pockets after only twelve/twenty four years of "public...

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(IND), GA writes
I gave you an F, because you voted yes on HR 624, the bill to spy on the American people. You call yourself a Republican and a conservative, yet on this bill you voted with Charles Rangel, Alcee Hastings, Carolyn McCarthy and Loretta Sanchez.

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(REP), FL writes
I gave you a grade of A. Your admission of buying and selling votes with debt was one of the most honest things I have heard come from one of the current Congress critters serving in the 112th Congress. Where have our Statesmen disappeared to?

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(IND), GA writes
I gave you a C, because you voted no on HR 5855, which increased the power and funding for the TSA. This would have been an A, but last month you voted yes on HR 3523, the Internet censorship bill.

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(REP), FL writes
I gave you a grade of A. Thanks to sticking to your Conservative credentials. 

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(IND), GA writes
I gave you a grade of F, because you voted for the reauthorization of the so-called Patriot Act. You claim to be a conservative, but your vote proves that you're just Eric Holder's toyboy.

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(REP), SC writes
I gave you a grade of A for voting to repeal the Job killing OBAMACARE law.  Please consider supporting the 'NATIONAL RIGHT TO WORK' law that Rand Paul is introducing ... as an alternative to the 'CARD CHECK' Forced...

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