Shirley B's Email to Representative Frank A. LoBiondo

05/09/2009 10:29

I gave you a grade of B. I truley believe the dems have lost common sense and their morals.  This is just to much goverment and the taking of our freedoms and liberty.  I know you are out voted in Washington, but in 2010 I hope they will be voted out.  Obama is the devil, and he will be calling in his markers.  The unions have distroyed this country, and Obama is giving them everything.  Big Business can not operate and profit with union control.  They will "go Galt".  The car companies have fell because of unions.  Most of all they are corrupt.  Americans are not getting jobs. the illegals are. We need to close our borders to all and get an honest count of who is in this country.  Another 9/11 is coming because Obama is so radical.  I also believe Americans will stand up and fight for our constitional rights.  He is backdooring policy in everyday and America is not paying attention.  NO! to universal Health Care.  It will be the ruination of this country.  Seniors will die do to the pick and chose method. Obama is doing this for the illagals.  I am tired of paying for entitlements.  The more you give people the longer they stay on the dole.  It goes from generation to generation.  They have never freed the slaves. They are just kept under goverment control.  What happened to hard work and individuralism and pay your own way?  I quite frankly am sick of both parties. Washington is way out of touch with the average American.  We do not need "a nanny goverment".  Obama has declared him self dictator and it is going to get worse.  Some people should not be allowed to vote.  They shouls check your intelligence first. Acorn needs to be brought up on charges of voter fraud, while we still have a constitution.  Thanks! counting on you to help

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