Jesse B's Email to Representative David G. Reichert

07/07/2009 21:21

I gave you a grade of F.  Today, I received from you a response to my note to you on your vote for this legislation.  In it, you state that you "carefully considered at every step that the legislation developed, from hearings before my House Ways & Means Committee to amendments offered on the floor."  Um.... what about that last step - its called READING THE LEGISLATION?

How can you say you carefully considered anything that you didn't have the time (or cared) TO READ?  You voted for a bill that you didn't  read. Do any of you in Washington intend to fulfill the obligation you agreed to when you took your oath of office? How is putting a larger financial burden on Americans while the economy is tanking going to help it improve, and not make it worse? We all want to achieve energy independence, BUT YOU NEED cost-effective alternatives, WITH AN ECONOMY THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH THAT PEOPLE CAN AFFORD THOSE ALTERNATIVES.  


Stop spending OUR money! When we have it, we can spend it and fix this mess.  You didn't do it with the spending bill, you aren't doing it with this energy tax, and you aren't capable of doing it with healthcare.  When none of us have jobs or money next year, we will have lots of time to work to be rid of you as the mis-representative you are.  Do us a favor, resing now, and let's put someone who will be our representative.  I'd like to have my vote for you in the last election back.


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