Jayne S's Email to Representative David G. Reichert

05/10/2009 08:56

I gave you a grade of B. 

I debated between a B and a C.  I do appreciate you voting against all the bail out bills.  You’re doing a good job, and I think you really care about the people here in Washington State.  I think you are sincere in your efforts to represent the voters that elected you.

I would like to see you join forces with Michele Buckman to repeal the monies given to the group ACORN.  I have asked Patty Murray several times since the year 2000 to vote against any money going to this group.  What was once a great group with ideas of helping those less fortunate has turned into what I refer to as the modern day SS.  They don’t deserve the hard earned taxpayer dollars.

Thank you again for all your hard work.


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