J. W's Email to Senator Harry Reid

11/20/2009 17:48

I gave you a grade of F.  I did this because you, Pelosi, and Obama are trying to turn my USA into a socialistic government.  Yes, I believe health care needs reform, but I absolutely feel the government has no ability, integrity, or ethics to take on 1/6 of my government.  You guys have failed time and again, and still take no action to get rid of all the corruption that makes these programs that are under your governmental control fail.

Fix what is broke (corruption) and clean it up, that would give Americans a little more confidence in America's corrupt government.  And please, stop lying to us.  We are tired of you, Pelosi, and Obama always lying.  It is so sickening to watch any of you three talk, because all that comes out of your mouths is BS.

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