matthew f's Email to Senator Harry Reid

12/07/2009 13:05

I gave you a grade of F.  I see that my fellow Democrats are fed up with your crap.  Thank God.  OMG!  I can still envoke the Lord without fear of censure!  If you and your cronies have your way we will lose even that RIGHT!  I SINCERELY PRAY TO GOD THAT DANNY KICKS YOUR BUTT next November.  The real people Nevada needs a senator that will represent them and not the Special interest groups (gaming moguls and Chicago hoods) you represent.  There hasn't been this much corruption in the Democratic party since the sixties and seventies!  Oh, by the way, clown, one of the founders of the GOP PROMOTED AND SIGNED THE 'EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION'.  Too Bad, dixiecrats used the KKK as their personal muscle.  Some historical parallel there....hmn???  Oh, well we still have our DEAR LEADER........SIEG HEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

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