Pat M's Email to Representative Nancy Pelosi

02/25/2010 10:06

I gave you a grade of F.  Msssssss Pelosi, I have seen you for just a minute on the tube at the health Summit.  You missed your calling - you should be on stage.  What a performance.  Let me ask you a question - the man you talked about from Michigan whose wife was really sick and he did not know where he was going to get the money to keep her alive.  You are all in such a hurry to get this Obamacare passed.  If passed today, when does it all go into effect.  My understanding is 2018 on some things and 2014 on some things.  What in the hell is the man from Michigan going to do until 2018 or 2014 - ARE YOU GOING TO PERSONALLY PAY FOR ALL THE EXPENSES OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WON'T BE INSURED UNTIL 2018 OR 2014.  What is the BIG HURRY to get this obamavare passed?  We all know - it is the takeover of 1/6 of the economy and CONTROL.  That is what all your progressives want is control - Spread the Wealth.  How much of you and your husband's wealth are you willing to give up?  I am sending money to the fellow who is challenging you and I am praying that he wins and you can go home and maybe, just maybe GET A JOB. 

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