Ralph D's Email to Representative Nancy Pelosi

02/26/2010 12:25

I gave you a grade of F.  Because you are so out of touch with any form of reality in this country and what is and has been ongoing with the economy problems, totally out of control spending by Congress, and one of the most major problems being JOB loses and the lack of JOBS.  You probably don’t really remember what JOBS are since you have no idea at all what anything like WORK is all about, you arrogant WITCH (and I’m trying not to use really bad language, BUT YOU GET THE GENERAL IDEA!!!  WITCH should be spelled with a “B”!!!)…  You are so far away from reality it isn’t even imaginable.  I pray everyday that the people in your area will have the good sense to vote your sorry A-- out of office in November!  It’s too bad that there isn’t some way for our country to get you impeached sooner!  You looked and sounded like such a real DOLT yesterday at the summit meeting with the members of Congress and Obama as well as all your blabbering that you did today.  You really need to get on your broom and fly back to that la la land that you came from.  You have lied to the American people so many times we can’t even count the times or ways.  We believe you still lie about the CIA briefings every time it comes up concerning the water boarding.  You shirk any responsibility of anything that you think may make you look bad, but believe me YOU STILL LOOK BAD EVERYTIME ANYWAY no matter what you say!!!

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