John B's Email to Senator Bill Nelson

07/02/2010 06:49

I gave you a grade of F.  Your friend Al Gore seems GLOBAL WARMING is in HIS PANTS!  CUBA IS NOW GOING TO DRILL 60 MILES OFF OF THE KEY WEST SHORES SENATOR!  You alarmists, with your false findings have succeeded in LOSING U.S JOBS, we now have drilling we cannot control (although the spill out in the Gulf just proves the inefficiency of the FEDERAL GOVT) AND THE TOTAL INCOMPETENCE OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS AND SENATE!  Your stance on IMMIGRATION, is another left WING RADICAL REACTION,  SECURE THE BORDERS SENATOR, DO THIS FIRST!  No on Kagan, No on the Disclose Act, uphold the SUPREME COURTS DECISION, No on this Financial Reform that does not SOLVE THE PROBLEM, WHERE IS FANNIE AND FREDDIE IN THIS REFORM?  You have proven to be USELESS, RADICAL AND DISCONNECTED FROM YOUR CONSTITUENTS VIEWS AND DESIRES, I AGREE WITH WORRY NOW 2 MORE YEARS OMG!  The only good thing from this Administration is that it has  awakened the sleeping GIANT, AND IN 2 MORE YEARS YOU WILL NO LONGER BE OUR SENATOR!

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