Gretchen B's Email to Senator Bill Nelson

07/02/2010 12:13

I gave you a grade of F.  Actually, the rating is more like --f - can't get much lower than "F" minus, minus!!  74 DAYS - and not any real attempt at clean up for the oil spill!! 

Your email sent out detailing all the "work" you've been doing on behalf of Floridians and the concern you have over the oil that is destroying our coasts each and every day that it continues to "spew" and get washed ashore on our beautiful white sandy beaches is just too horrific to describe!  You are nothing but a liar and a "true politiian" that wants to get credit for being proactive - when, and where have you been so involved in this mess???  You claim to be the one that advised Obama to put a moratorium on deep water drilling (and all drilling) off Florida's coast.  I think most Floridians know how hard you have pushed to keep drilling off the coast of Florida, ncver mind that other countries will have oil rigs on the coast but, heaven forbid, not this country.  You certainly can't have that happen and help us become self sufficient and not dependent on foreign countries. 

Do Florida a hugh favor and just keep your mouth shut and stay out of the way of the oil cleanup and, while you are at it, keep Obuma away too!!!

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