Joe V's Email to Senator Jim Webb

12/11/2010 03:37

I gave you a grade of F++ Dear Mr. Webb , As a Sen. and an ex-military officer what are you thinking ! Or do you even know that someone has authorized the sale of our uranium mine in Utah to Russia . Don't you think that would make our national defenses a little week especially without nuclear fleet . Do you also know that Obama promised 1.5% of our GDP to the United Nations . That's a worthy group of thieves and thugs and liars . The UN should not be in the United States we shouldn't be part of it . But as a sitting Sen. I wonder what you do all day . You certainly are not looking out for us . In this lame duck session we are watching how you vote . It seems you didn't get the message . You still don't what do what your constituents want you to do . After all you work for us supposedly . Truth is I'm not sure who you work for .

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