Judy S's Email to Representative Bill Posey

02/16/2011 04:50

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I would first like to thank you for taking the time to address the Space Coast Patriots teaparty group Monday night. We all appreciated your input.

The Presidents budget is laughable. He has demonstrated he does not have the leadership skills we need to make this country thrive again. We have NO confidence in his leadership. You cannot vote to increase the debt ceiling with this administration at the helm. It would be disastrous. Shutting down the government would be met with glee in this environment. The Republicans should be proud to carry that banner if the administration will not cooperate with the DEEP cuts that are needed. A cut in spending of merely 100 billion dollars should be a STARTING point. We want deep cuts and we want a path to financial solvency within the next 5 years. This means you need to start cuts today.

Obamacare should be defunded immediately even if rules need to be changed. This is too damaging to let it continue. We don't want it and it will be out of sight in cost. Only a moron would believe it will decrease spending. Entire departments such as the departments of education, agriculture,energy and the like can go away. Other departments need to be scaled back to half the current size. We want the EPA dissolved. I realize this won't happen until we get a conservative Republican president but we can set goals now and work towards them. I am 53 and I am all for moving social security and medicare to age 70 and progressively older as the years pass. You say that is too harsh? If you can't do it now then when? We are tired of congressmen that will not make the hard choices that you know we need to make. You have one bite at the apple. There is no patience for those that want to kick the can down the road. We are at a tipping point and Republicans have an opportunity to lead. Senator Rubio was elected stating that he would cut entitlements. We WANT entitlement cuts! The media will never support any of these cuts but no one listens to them anyway. They have become criminal in their reporting. You make the hard choices and we will fight the good fight for you. Thank you for your time and service to the citizens of Florida. Encourage others to join you!


Judith Strahan

Merritt Island, FL

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