Dawn B's Email to Senator Charles E. Schumer

11/01/2011 07:14

Before cutting Medicare for Seniors, cut free glorious healthcare for prisoners and make them pay for it as well as make their families responsible.  After all the families are who helped make the prisoners who they are and what they do.  Their families shouldn't keep getting a free government ride either and be allowed to bring babies into the world for taxpayers to pay to raise them. 

If government is going to pay for the welfare queens to have babies and they cannot afford to take care of them on their own, then government should take the babies they pay for and adopt them out to couples who cannot have children and can afford to take care of them.  People need to learn you don't buy what you cannot afford and that needs to means having children too.  Too many children starving because all the baby mamma's are smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol,  doing drugs on taxpayer dollars and living off all that OBAMA MONEY from his stash.  It's not the governments money, it's the taxpayers money and government has forgotten that.

Where does Obama get off sending personal checks to people who write "oh poor me letters" and then advertise it in the news?  He's stolen billions of dollars for corporations who don't have to show where the money went, they don't even have to stay in business and they don't have to pay it back.  You and I both know Obama got a piece of all those pies and you passing all Obama's agenda helped him do it.  It's all going to come out in the next couple of years because honest people will investigate, not Obama's White House Patrol of Czars who are pocketing hush monies.

Before you take more Medicare from poor seniors, take it from crooks in prison.  Prisoners get free transplants to keep them alive while those who contributed to society, such as seniors,  pay the price of prisoners life saving healthcare and their healthcare laws cause them to die while prisoners are helped to live.  Prisoners should be giving up body parts to save seniors lives.

Congress should also be stopping all Grants before cutting Medicare.  All Grants.  That too is taxpayer dollars going out for free.  Most seniors at least put into Medicare so it would be there to help them in later years.  Companies and individuals who are getting free taxpayer money Via Grant Programs didn't pay into a Grant Fund to help them in later years.

Pray tell, why is it that some people get Medicare in the first place when they never worked in America a day in their lives?  Why are people getting social security when they've never worked a day in America their entire lives?  Foreigners are getting social security and Medicare when they aren't even United States citizens.  How does that happen with taxpayer dollars.  Taxpayer dollars pay for free medical care for foreigners and people who live and work here are shafted.  How is that right?

Before you take more away from people who've put into the social security system,  take a look at cutting prisioners/and families free ride.  Take a look at foreigners getting a free ride.  Foreigners should at least put into the social security system for a period of years not less than Ten years to be able to draw benefits from it.

The next thing congress needs to cut out is Congressional Life Benefits.  No person in God's green earth is worth being paid for life for a job nor should they earn free healthcare and other benefits for life.  A Congress person is supposed to be working in service to their country and they shouldn't be servicing themselves life long for it.  Those who are forced out of congress via scandals are the first who should get cut off from the taxpayer "Gravy Train" congress has forced Americans to pay.  It's a complete outrage that you all are cutting benefits of others when you all are raising and maintaining your status of living.  Who do you all think you are?  Gods?  It seems like you all have placed yourselves above other lives, therefore making you all on a Godlike pedistal. 

Take away from prisoners, their lazy families, foreigners who haven't contributed, foreigner healthcare and Congress's life long benefits and high pay before you cut one more dime in the lives of seniors and the disabled.

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