Henry B's Email to Senator Charles E. Schumer

01/13/2012 09:04

Please don't vote to allow Obama and the White House to have re-organization power over government to re-organize government.  Whenever they are involved it means permanent lon term disaster for Americans.  Obama has proven he's a worse and weaker leader than Carter.  The last thing a new President next year will need is to have to deal with the mess Obama and the Czars could create from re-organizing government when they've made a disaster of everything else (Solyndra, the banking and auto industry where our money is lost).  Obama is a one term president and his time in office is coming to a close.  Help the nation by keeping the reigns tight on him.  His inexperience and bullheadedness gets us in trouble as a nation so congress needs to help the nation more by keeping controls away from Obama and the White House.

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