morgan w's Email to Senator John Cornyn

03/28/2013 16:42

I gave you a grade of F.

Dear Sen. Cornyn,

The reason that I graded you as I did,  is because I recently  wrote to you regarding my concern that you , as well as  not one member of Congress care one iota about the US Constitution and rule of law. You have joined Obama and his treason against the USA , as Obama is not , and never has been eligible to be president of the USA,  and is in fact a USURPER.

I did not appreciate your sending me such an insulting and absent of facts  reply to my letter of concern about Obama's ineligibility . Even though I went to lengths to educate you as to why Obama is ineligible to be president, you stated to me in your insulting letter that Obama is a citizen of the US ,  that he was born in Hawaii, as well as you stated all of the court cases filed against Obama has been ruled in His favor.

First of all, you are an absolute and utter fool in replying to me or any other American with such ignorance to what the requirements of The President under Article II Section I Clause 5 of the US  are , where among other  requirements, Obama must be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of the USA which He is certainly not and could never ever be. Secondly, Obama hasn't been found eligible by any court as no court in America has ever heard the eligibility cases based on the Merits. Thirdly, Obama has never shown one iota of evidence that proves he was ever born in Hawaii or any place else upon this planet either.


With absolute clueless and utter fools like yourself in Congress, It is no wonder that all of the truly honorable American's in this nation , many like myself who fought in wars to defend our Constitution , are now finding our Country be given away with all of the godless, self serving utterly morally  Bankrupt people like yourself , who instead of being the servants of us in which you were elected, use your power and privilage to degrade and humiliate the few true American's living, while helping to destroy our nation from within.


Just to remind you  of why you and every member of Congress are abettors of Treason , along with Obama,by giving him cover and protection from being held responsible for his USURPATION and many crimes, I am enclosing another letter I sent to Sen. Ted Cruz to inform Him as well of the treason Obama is commiting against America and its' citizens.I offer you the same opportunity as I extended to Sen Cruz to meet with both myself and Dr. Orly Taitz to show you the abundance of evidence to prove to you that Obama is a USURPER and that every person who is in Congress who do not speak out and demand that he be held accountable for his treason, are just as guilty of treason as he.


Please take the time to read my letter to Sen. Cruz as it applies to you as well. Perhaps it will refresh your memory as to the initial letter I wrote to you.

Morgan S. Ward, III
12 Bethpage Drive
Laguna Vista, Texas, 78578
Dear Honorable Ted Cruz,
I know that you try to make it known to anyone who will listen that you believe in compliance to the US Constitution. I would like to say I appreciate that as I haven't found one person in Congress, either a democrat or a republican who believes in their oath of office they took for their elected office which includes not one complying with the US Constitution or the rule of law .I reside in Laguna Vista , TX.
I am a 100 % Disabled Veteran, Having served for 17 years in the US Army in the Field Artillery Branch ,including duty in Vietnam with the 3rd Battalion 16th Field Artillery, Americal Division from Jan 68- Jan 70.I was forced out of the US Army because of a degenerative Spine which required surgery and replacement of two lower vertebra's as well as a spinal fusion including a metal apparatus attached to my lower spine immediately after my release from the US Army. After 17 years of honorable service to my Nation , I was basically given the shaft by The US Army  as I received no retirement,  as I was only awarded a 10% disability rating for supposedly a muscle strain by the Army,  when actually my spine had degenerated to the point I could not even lift my legs.. It is amazing that immediately after leaving the Army I could not lift my leg enough to place a sock on before finding out that my spine was basically destroyed from all of the physical abuse it took for 17 years in the Field Artillery. I was only given a $37,000.00 severance pay from the Army for 17 years of faithful service including all of my youth and good years of my life. Then to add insult to injury, I had to repay the entire $37,000 before I could begin receiving any  VA Benefits. So basically, I received nothing for my almost 2 decades of honorable service in The US Army ,  including my being selected as a lifetime member  of the exclusive Army Leadership club, being The Sergeant Morales Leadership Club/Audie Murphy Leadership Club ,  as well as being  National runner up , new  ARMY recruiter of the year in 1980 out of 7500 US Army recruiters, and the only US ARMY Recruiter in the entire history of the US Army to have ever successfully served my entire 3 years of Recruiting duty in the Field Artillery Career Group, as well as having been  an on production  Station Commander as well..
Now, getting back to what I really need help with. As you may have already heard, or otherwise been made aware of, we have a National Security Threat residing in the White House, a USURPER if you will ,as he is a non Natural Born Citizen of the USA and ineligible to be president,  as he is ineligible under the US Constitution under Article II section I Clause 5 which gives the requirements to be president. I know that you have certainly heard the argument as to where Obama was born as all Republicans and democrats in Congress have fallen hook, line and sinker for the democrat talking heads and supposedly MSM stating Obama was born in Hawaii and that he produced a Birth Certificate and placed it on line for everyone to see.
There is a problem with that belief as every document that Obama or his lackey's have revealed have been proven to be frauds and forged documents by numerous Experts in Computers and other high ranking Document forensic personnel. There simply is not one iota of proof that Obama was ever born in Hawaii or any place in reality ,  as there has never been any authentic document ever been produced by Obama. This issue in fact is the largest threat ever to our nation as Obama appears to be not even a citizen of the US. Again, there has NEVER been one shred of evidence of any kind shown to prove that he is even an American Citizen.
Obama's mother, Ann Dunham , supposedly married Barack Obama SR, but then again, no document exist that show they were ever in fact married to each other.But in any event, Obama himself , in his auto biography reported that his dad was born in Kenya and at the time Kenya was under British rule therefore Obama's dad was a British Subject. Being that at the time and even perhaps still today, but certainly when Obama was born, the Citizenship naturally followed the father under British law. There are several people who have done a great study of what constitutes a Natural born Citizen of the US including  Dr. Orly Taitz who is but  one of those who have hundreds of documents and expert testimony as to what constitutes a Natural Born Citizen and why Obama is a USURPER.

The next difficulty USURPER Obama has,  is in the fact that soon after Barrack Senior and Obama's supposedly mother, Ann Dunham divorced, she met  Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Citizen and they eventually got married and lived in Indonesia with Baby Obama[Barry Soetoro]. Under Indonesian law, you could never have dual citizenship at the time Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetero. Obama attended school in Indonesia and Dr. Orly Taitz and others  have the documents to prove that ,as She has submitted several cases before the US Supreme Court[I was a plaintiff on one of the first cases filed , as well as other cases filed, with plaintiffs being , along with Dr. Alan Keyes, Dr. Chuck Baldwin who were a Presidential Candidates in 2008 and a  couple of vice president candidates in 2008 , along with many high ranking retired Military generals and Colonels as well]. In any event, the documents Orly Taitz and others obtained show conclusively that Barrack Obama registered as Barry Soetero as a citizen of Indonesia , as well as listing  Muslim for religion.

There is absolutely no record that Obama ever went by the name Barrack Obama until just before he decided to run for the State Senate of Illinois.A photo of Obama that has been found in a yearbook at Occidental College in California shows Barrack Obama and his Name is Barry Soetero under his photo. It is also prudent to point out that Obama attended Occidental College with a Fulbright Scohlarship , registered as a forein exchange student as the Fulbright Scohlarship was only for foreign exchange students.There is absolutely no evidence to show that Obama ever changed his name from Barry Soetero to Barack Obama. If in fact Ann Dunham is actually Obama's mother, being 17 years old at the time of the birth and having lived in Indonesia up until the time Obama was born, Ann Dunham by law was too young to ever have conveyed her citizenship to her son as she didn't meet the necessary age or the time required living in the US before Obama's Birth. Added this to the fact that Obama's supposedly Dad, Barrack Sr was a British Subject, Obama in all probability is not even a citizen of the USA much less a Natural Born Citizen that requires that BOTH Parents be American Citizens at the time of Obama's birth. Obama is a USURPER , Plain and simple. Every Oath he has taken, including to be an attorney has been a fraud upon America as he has used several different aliases in his life but swore under oath that he has only been known and addessed as Barrack Obama when He knew that was a lie.

Another question that needs to be answered is on what Passport did Barrack Obama[Barry Soetoro] travel to Pakistan on in 1981 as is readily documented and admitted to by Obama? At the time, the US Stae Department  had strict rules against any American traveling to Pakistan , as they were involved in the war with the Soviets,  and it would have been too dangerous for any American to be there. So, was it Obama's Indonesian passport used to travel there since he couldn't travel there as an American Citizen? He definitely could not have traveled there with a US Passport.
I had a top secret Security Clearance most of the time I was in the Army, including a NATO Top Secret Security Clearance , as I worked with Nuclear Weapons in the Army for Artillery including the training of German Soldiers, American Soldiers  on the proper assembly and security of them while stationed in Germany for my second tour from 1977-1980.I can assure you that USURPER Obama could not even acquire a Confidential security clearance today, but yet , He has been allowed to infiltrate our Government at the highest level and every member of Congress has willfully shirked their duty and Obligation to investigate Obama and find out who He is.In fact, that is why every member of Congress are now just as guilty of treason against the USA as Obama. In fact , there are numerous High profile ex Military, including many Generals and Admirals , who are demanding that Obama be held accountable for His crimes against this Nation , as well through His USURPATION of the presidency with the help of forged documents and a willing bunch of cowards and traitors  abetting him.
I have been personally involved with the ineligibility of Obama and fraud he has created since his first announcing his candidacy in 2008. I had a National radio show at the time, The Weekly Candor with Morgan, that I tried to educate the Nations' citizenry to the ineligibility and fraud by Obama. I had many high profile so called Birthers on my show, investigators,  one of the most foremost Constitutional lawyers in America as well as Presidential and VP candidates form the 2008 election who were directly harmed by Obama's ineligibility.
There is so much more I could reveal to you about the real Obama, the USURPER in the White House, but if you really care about the Rule of Law, The US Constitution and your Nation, you will get in touch with Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq at her web site or contact Her directly by phone at:949-683-5411. I am sure that She would really love hearing from one Representative in Congress who actually cares about the US Constitution and the rule of Law.She currently  has a petition before Congress with over 50,000 fellow American Citizens who are demanding that Congress do their duty that they swore before God to uphold. As someone who took the Oath of Service, I swore to protect and defend the US against ALL ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same ,SO HELP ME GOD. That oath was for all time, not just while in the Military. I take my oath very seriously as I and many others fought in Wars to defend our nation and way of life. Many have died and bled for our US Constitution and it is well past time that our Representatives in Congress live up to their Oaths and begin to love America and our founding principles more than they love a political party , privilege or power.
When anyone continues to allow Obama to USURP our Government at the Highest level, that is no more or less than being a traitor to our nation.If you are really the REAL deal and believe in the US Constitution, demand that Obama be investigated immediately for the multitude of fraud and treason he has brought to our Nation.
Please don't send me the canned Republican party directed letter that we keep receiving from members of Congress, including my most recent insulting  letter received by Senator Cornyn,  every time we demand that Obama be held accountable for his Crimes and USURPATION   since even before the 2008 presidential election , and for Congress to live up to their sworn Oaths of Office.I don't want to hear another pathetic remark of how Obama is a US citizen as a person must be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN,not just any citizen ,as the Constitutional requirements state such.Additionally, no court in the US has ever heard any of the eligibility cases brought before it on any merits. They all have been dismissed by Judges that have been threatened, bought off or abettors of treason to Obama.If any of Orly Taitz's cases were ever heard on the merits, Obama would be toast, no questions about it.
You can either go down in History as an Honorable man who really believed in the US Constitution and rule of law, or you can be like the other 534 Members of Congress as  well as the Treasonous Justice Department and Morally Bankrupt US Supreme Court. Which side will you serve? Will you represent the multitudes of American's who demand that Obama be held accountable for his crimes so we can begin to try and restore our Nation, or will you side with all of the other proven traitors within the halls of Congress who decided to cover for USURPER Obama rather than take a stand for America and Her Constitution. Either there is a rule of law in America or we have simply become a third world banana Republic. Thousands have served honorably in the Military during War to protect and defend the Constitution against all Enemies, both foreign and Domestic. Will you help to allow all of the true Patriots of our nation to have died or suffered in vain just so you can see everything they fought and died for be given away by true enemies and cowards of America? Senators and Congressmen are suppose to be servants of the people, not useful fools for the elite and famous.
In the Army there was a military trait out of 12 that is required to be had by any true leader. That Trait is Moral Courage, which in the Army is defined as always doing the right thing, regardless of the consequences. Will you help me, help our nation and your children's future by displaying some Moral Courage in holding Obama accountable for His USURPATION?
I sincerely await your answer and really hope that you will prove yourself to be a real American rather than just an American on paper only like all of your peers in Congress and the Republican party.If at all possible, I really would love to have an opportunity to sit down with you as well as I bring Orly Taitz with her reams of evidence to show to you personally exactly what our Nation is allowing to further destroy it.Please let me know if there is a chance you will be willing to meet with us and I will arrange Orly's travel for her.Thanking you in advance as one American to another...
Morgan S Ward, 
 100% Disabled War Veteran

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