Miki B's Email to Representative Markwayne Mullin

09/12/2013 11:22

I gave you a grade of F. Your actions and attitude at the Afton Town hall on August 8th will go down in history as the defining moment of the end of your career in politics. The way you treated the constituent who asked what you knew about obama's forged identiy documents was shameful. I cannot ever remember hearing a politician tell a constitutent that they, "honestly don't even give a shit," about what is important to a member of the community that YOU SERVE. To have your publicist deny you said it is equally shameful and deplorable. There are many in your district that voted for you but have now seen your true colors. It is evident by your voting record that you do not represent the people of District 2 and instead support special interests and maintain the status quo of the establishment GOP. You can start packing your bags as there is a recall effort underway.

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