Roxanne G's Email to Senator John Cornyn

09/18/2013 23:12

Grade of D. I have noticed that you have not decided to vote to defund Obamacare yet. Sir, I have supported you for several years, but now when there is a chance to defund obamacare you have gone silent? This is a horrible law and we the people are going to end up keeping it afloat off our backs not yours. I'm offended that your medical care is different from ours and then ya'll whined about your staff having to get obamacare. If this law (obamacare) isn't good enough for you and your staff then why should we have to have it. We voted all of you in to take care of us not make us servants to each and every one of you. I'm all for decreasing all of your salaries when ya'll forget that.  Who voted you politicians to be above the American People. Our taxes so far are going up 700% when this autraucity is implemented. I can't afford this. Besides I like being able to choose my own doctor and I don't like the idea of the death panels or the government asking me personal questions. Sir, this just isn't the government's damn business. If you vote to keep obamacare then I'll know that you are supporting the death panels for the seniors. I know that if you don't vote to defund this job killing bill, this will be the end for me voting for you. I have never been more serious in my life. Senator Cruz has it right along with Senator Lee and Senator Paul. If you don't think you need my vote then just try going along with Senator McCain.  Hannity, O'Reily, and Limbaugh have over 7 million voters each watching & listening to their programs and right now most are for defunding obamacare. Sir the Republican voters are becoming more Libertarian than you think and at least the Libertarians are more accepting of conservatives. They certainly have more things in common with the conservatives. Not to mention if they leave the Republican Party you are going to have a very small Republican Party base. Come next election let's see just how many incumbents return to their jobs, because what I'm hearing people are tired of the power struggle between the Old GOP politicians and the young conservatives. We are tired of the elite GOP politicians not listening to us and who are always in compliance with the democrats. I'm a conservative and proud of it. Which one are you?

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