Roxanne G's Email to Senator John Cornyn

09/24/2013 19:43

Grade of F for being selfish in exempting yourself from obamacare while the weight of this law sufficates the American people and our way of life. Why is it that the senate has to force American citizens to carry the burden of this law while you and all of your elite republicans and democrats get special treatment by being exempted. I'm glad that General Washington didn't have the likes of you around. At least General Washington worked for the people instead and he did not turn his back on them. You sir a disgrace and I hope that the Texas people will wake up and throw you out of office along with the other 1% er's who work for yourselves. It's becoming clearer more and more that the senate is the 1% ers and if you will stab fellow republicans like Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Vitters, and the Republicans in the House then you do not belong in an honored institution like the Senate use to be. Just a bunch of thieves that's all your are. 

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