Michael M's Email to Senator John Cornyn

09/27/2013 10:07

I gave you a grade of F. Up till now you showed some promise as a good Senator. I cannot express to you how disappointed I am in you. However, the vote on "cloture" (supporting Ted Cruz) has clearly changed my mind. This is/was a critical moment when the voters actually see what you and others in Washington are made of. You failed this critical test. You failed it by a wide margin. You have thrown your lot in with the "surrender Republicans" who are constantly practicing "surrender politics".

I was going to vote for you in 2015 but I will not vote for you in 2015. I will vote for whoever chanllenges you in the primary. Please take note, I will NOT VOTE FOR YOU EVER AGAIN! You have lost my vote be it a primary and/or general election.

I can't for the life of me understand how you could be soooooooo stupid on this issue. I will do everything I can to unseeat you as our Senator from Texas.

Michael Mizher

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