Roxanne G's Email to Senator John Cornyn

07/17/2014 20:56

Grade of C.  Immigration is to protect American Citizens from those with infectious diseases entering the U.S. In that department obama, the dems, and reps are failing miserably. We know that now not only minor illnesses are being brought into the U.S., but also viral TB, viral pneumonia, whooping cough, and other deadlly diseases and what has our government done to protect the U.S. Citizens? So far nothing but open our borders even wider. We also know that the Mexican cartels are entering our country and nothing is done. They are already in over 1,200 cities maybe even more now. A marine general has said that terrorists are entering in the U.S. disguised as an illegal alien. Has the Republican party lost all of its common sense and is going along with the democrats. They have violated our laws and Republicans have done nothing. So what happens if the cartels start killing America's citizens, or if we are attacked by terrorists entering from our open borders. How about a person with the Ebola Virus entering our country by the open borders. It will be the blame of obama, harry reid, pelosi, holder, and all the other liberal democrats. Also any republican that didn't try to do something about the border. Mr. Conaway this should be a high priority in shutting down the border and send those back that are here illegally. The American people need protection and right now all of the politicians have it all backwards. Also what kind of a parent would send their child unescorted for thousands of miles exposing their child to the elements and cartels and coyotes who would abuse them. Sir, when is congress going to take action for the real Americans who have worked hard and paid their taxes. Even though our IRS is corrupt and we need to shut them down and get a different tax system like the fair tax. No one will ever trust the government again as long as the IRS has all of that power. The Republicans need to do something soon instead of waiting till the elections. Independents and Republicans are wanting to know something now not later or you could find people sitting out the elections again. We are tired of nothing being done. 

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