linda g's Email to Senator Tom Cotton

02/19/2015 09:52

I gave you a grade of F. When I voted for you last November I thought I would hear of the good things you were doing for the people of Arkansas. Now when I watch the local news you never see one thing about you. It is like you were swallowed up in the morass of Washington. Obama is getting more and more out of comtrol every day. What are you planning to do about that? We sent new folks to do certain things. Like represent the People of Arkansdas. Not Mexico. Now I read where Homeland Insecurity has no way of knowing where all these illegals are after they release them into the USA. We have diseases rampant coming in to infect us. You have our very own Louis Guiterez promising militancy if we do not bend over and allow illegals to have their way. Who does he think he is? Retirement age for actual Americans goes higher every year while more and more undeserving illegals get to dine on the banquet of American retirement and take away form real Americans. I think you know where this is going. Stop the punishment of the American People. Stop all funding of illegals. They are ILLEGAL. It is time for you politicians to figure out who you work for. I never see anything you are doing on local TV. Why not? Are you doing anything for Arkansans? Way way too much is being done for illegals. I expect you to put a stop to all the Syrians Obama is bringing in refugee or not. Are we going to wake up one morning to find out you have allowed Obama to import ISIS into this great nation? Washington is out of control and against the average American. Louis Guiterez has promised militancy from illegals if they are not granted everything with a silver spoon in their mouth. But if by now you do not understand that you do not reward lawlessness we will just keep on getting more and more trouble from Mexico. Do something now. Stand up and be heard. Make us proud to have trusted and voted for you. It is not all about the farm. We are hurting and need jobs here not in Afghanastan or Iraq like that bimbo for Obama says we must do for them. Arkansas is waiting!

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