linda g's Email to Senator Tom Cotton

09/12/2016 18:29

I gave you a grade of B.   I am writing about a very troubling thing called Settlement Jihad. I saw a presentation by Phillip Haney. How can we stand by and watch the MuslumBrotherhood invade us with the help of this administration. They are everywhere now. Brought here and placed in our cities to grow and take over. HILLARY HAS HER hUMA. oBAMA HAS HIS vALERIE jARRET. oBAMA JUST GAVE US A MUSLUM JUDGE. Sorry caps lock, What can we American People do when our own government strives to decieve us and aid in getting sharia law implemented here. What will happen with the next crime like happened in Florida at that gay club. I pray God gives you strength to make this your cause and trust in We The People to vote you back in because you would not be popularin some circles. As a soldier you know the danger. Please join Trump in voicing the dangers of jihadists and sharia law and the people in our government who turn their backs on their duty to work for only the American People, God be with you and John Boozman and watch over this state and nation.

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